Professionals and nonprofessional golfers all strive to make the shot that set them apart from their counterpart, the infamous hole- in-one.   Even so, sometimes both strive just to keep the ball on the green.   What makes the difference between a lousy shot, an almost perfect to a perfect shot, The Golf Swing Body Rhythm?

What is The Golf Swing Body Rhythm?

The Golf swing body rhythm is the foundation and root that makes the golf swing, backswing, down swing and all aspect of your golf game worthy to be call golf.  It is what enable your shots to be accurate, keep your ball on the green, make more shots under par and when you are feeling powerful it gives you a hole-in-one.  Simply put, without body rhythm you have no game.

Reality for beginners and golf enthusiast

This is how beginners and golf enthusiast find out if they are really cut out to be a golfer.  Yea, you can learn some aspect of the game, but you must have already possessed some inner skills that can be easily developed.  If you don’t have just a little inkling of the gift of golf it makes it a bit harder for you to pick up and become an expert in.  And, instead of loving the game you might just get frustrated and quit.

Your golf instruction, if you have one, can only show you the physical aspects of the golf swing, he or she can teach you where to stand, what the stance should look like, how to grip the club and where to aim, etc., etc.  After this, you in turn will have to find out what works for you then choose and develop the rhythm that fits your particular body type.

The mechanics of the golf swing body rhythm

When approaching the golf swing your body has to be in perfect sync in order to get a straight shot.  Hips and shoulders should be aligned with the target.  Your aim must have the club facing forward with your body in full position.  If these things are done correctly, then you should have a strong balance and alignment.  Here is where your body rhythm should be most obvious. You should be comfortable and sure of yourself.  Make any necessary adjustment then let the golf club swing smoothly….swoosh….click.

Obviously, there are more things that are involved to make the shot straight and smooth.  Such as, how wide or how narrow the stance is when you are at address.   What hand you used as a golf player and where the ball is place before the point of contact.   Combining all this together your body rhythm should, allow for a beautiful shot landing on the green or who knows, a hole-in-one.

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